Vinexpo 2019

Vinexpo 2019 in Bordeaux - 12th to 17th May 2019


I experienced a very eventful 5 days in Bordeaux during Vinexpo in May 2019

On Sunday the 12th May, I went to Vinexpo Gala Dinner at beautiful Chateau Soutard organized by ......... 

Next day, Monday the 13th, I participated in beautifullly organized dinner at Chateau d'Yquem for the international press. It was a quite intimate one, only 400 people were there, including owner of Yquem and Cheval Blanc and new mayor of Bordeaux



Latest news

NEW!!full report on the 2020 vintage tasted from the barrel is now available (June 2021). Around 500 tasted samples. Check out chapter "2020 FROM BARREL" in "VINTAGES".

full report on the 2018 vintage (around 500 tasted wines)is available (April 2021). Check out chapter "2018 IN BOTTLE" in "VINTAGES".

full report on the 2019 vintage tasted from the barrel (300+ tasted samples) is available (July 2020). Check out chapter "2019" in "VINTAGES".

The planned addition of a property profile during late autumn 2021 - Angelus.

A new feature is the Burgundy blog in the News chapter, which includes impressions from tastings/tasting dinners attended since November 2018.

In addition to my website, I also post tasting notes to a well-driven and hugely- scaled website,, where I've 8.600+ followers and 2.500+ TNs by primo July 2021.