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 Chateau Seguin isn't a property that steals headlines, although Robert Parker gave it 91-93 in vintage 2009, and Swiss wine critic Rene Gabriel loves it.

Seguin is situated in Canejan village close to Pessac. Its appellation is Pessac-Leognan. Darriet family has owned it since 1987, and the man in charge is now Denis Darriet, who, before coming to Seguin, worked in Paris as a jeweller for famous jewellery makers like f.i. Cartier and made exclusive creations for the most known celebrities in the world.

During my first visit to the property in September 2010, I became very impressed with the wines when I participated in a press trip for wine journalists in the district organised by Graves(Pessac-Leognan syndicates. I stayed through the whole trip at Seguin.

Then in March 2011, I had a vertical there from vintage 2004 to 2010. I must admit I was left breathless while tasting 2010. It was an outstanding, if not sensational, performance. Unforgettable visit. Visits in September 2011, March and September 2012/2013, April and September 2014, March 2015 and October 2015, April and October 2016/2017/2018 have just confirmed the excellent quality Seguin possesses today. It seems like Denis Darriet has transferred his skills and dedication from making very costly jewellery to his wines!

He produces regular cuvée, Chateau Seguin and luxury cuvée from old Merlot vines, Confidence(s) de Chateau Seguin. The latter is 2-3 times the price of regular cuvée.

2018h 4

 Denis Darriet (right), owner of Seguin, is in the cellar with his winemaker, Xavier. October 2018


SEGUIN 2020 (barrel sample) 94+p

Tasted in May 2021. 70% Cabernet Sauvignon + 30% Merlot. 14% alcohol. First vintage with Stephane Derenencourt’s team as an external consultant. Intense nose of ripe Cabernet Sauvignon with tobacco leaf. Mineral, lush berries and grained tannin, great complexity and length, elegant and refined. Impressive stuff. 94+p.

SEGUIN 2019 (barrel sample) 94+p

Tasted in June 2020. 55% Merlot + 45% Cabernet Sauvignon. It starts quite friendly and attractive with delicate aromatics on the nose with violet, mint and cherries. A little touch of heat/alcohol on the nose disappears rapidly. Silky on the palate with superb balance and a gentle kiss of oak, long and firm finish. It's simply a great effort, and for me, 2019 here looks like a mix of 2018 and 2016 with the latter's elegance and nobility. 

SEGUIN 2018 94+p

Tasted twice - last time in December 2020. This property came back with a vengeance in 2018!! Very scented and aromatic nose of blueberries, rich, great complexity and length, elegant and refined. Impressive stuff.

SEGUIN 2017 - no wine produced due to devastating frost in April 2017.

SEGUIN 2016  (barrel sample) 94+p

Tasted twice - last time in October 2017. Consistent notes. This wine is 45% Cabernet Sauvignon and 55% Merlot, yield 43 hl/ha. There are very intense blackberries and cherries on the nose, velvety fruit and tannin, seductive fruit sweetness, and a long aftertaste. Sleek and attractive wine, impressive stuff indeed.

SEGUIN 2015  94p

Tasted four times - last time in October 2018. Consistent notes. This wine showed great delicacy with black, sweet, silky fruit and tannin, sophisticated and seductive, very aromatic black- and blueberries. Candy. It appeared a bit down-scaled in October 2018.

SEGUIN 2014 93+p

Tasted five times - last time in October 2017. Consistent notes. Impressive nose of violets and black fruit, splendid acidity, well-balanced, excellent structure and length. Long finish. It is a remarkable effort for the vintage and exciting wine from a calm and quiet vintage. It's a long keeper.

SEGUIN 2013 (barrel sample) 91p

Tasted twice - last time in March 2015. Consistent notes. Flowery on the nose with fine acidity and delicate structure, it seems lighter than 2012. Mineral and well-balanced. Excellent effort in this troubled vintage.

SEGUIN 2012 92p

Tasted seven times - last time in March 2016. Consistent notes. This wine seduces with violets and crushed blueberries, finely grained fresh tannin and silky texture, velvety finish. Splendid effort for the vintage.

SEGUIN 2011 93p

Tasted nine times - last time in September 2015. Consistent notes. This wine offered a splendid nose of ripe cherries, excellent depth and intensity. Silky on the palate with firm structure, lovely length and smooth aftertaste. Great value in this vintage.

SEGUIN 2010 95+p

Tasted ten times - last time in October 2017. Consistent notes. This wine's been keeping me thrilled since its berth. To have such a fabulous nose of black cherries and so intense silky black fruit on the palate, combined with stunning balance and complexity, it's just a great moment. It's undoubtedly the best wine this property has ever made and a fantastic achievement. Wow! In March 2014, this wine did throw its "baby fat" away and became quite tannic and closed. In September 2015, it opened up once again. Thrill to taste!! In October 2017, it displayed a beautiful cherry nose and was tightly crafted, powerful with great complexity and structure, excellent acidity and length. The best vintage for Seguin ever by any means - stunning effort!

SEGUIN 2009 92-93p

Tasted ten times - last time in October 2017. Consistent notes. A very intense wine with gobs of blackberries, black cherries, exquisite balance, finesse and elegance, and sophisticated touch. Beautiful, classy wine and great effort indeed. It was closed while tasted in March 2014 but seduced with open arms in September 2014. In October 2017, it tasted lighter and was that seductive as before. Closed phase?

SEGUIN 2008 92p

Tasted five times - last time in March 2016. Consistent notes. Not as striking as 2009, but there's nothing to complain about. This wine was mineral, multifaceted, well constructed and structured, massive on the palate and with a sophisticated touch. A fine effort for the vintage.

SEGUIN 2007 87p

Tasted in March 2011. Light, round and pleasant, earthy flavours, short aftertaste. Won't win by additional cellaring.

SEGUIN 2006 90p

Tasted in March 2011. Very attractive on the nose, well-knitted, elegant and with a firm finish. Nice effort.

SEGUIN 2005 94p

Tasted three times - last time in September 2015. Consistent notes. This wine was made by the previous winemaker than the present one, Xavier, who arrived in 2007. Still, you feel the soil and what nature gave to the winemaker. This vintage was one of the easiest to make for many reasons. It had an aromatic nose of beautiful sweet cherries, great complexity and stunning length. Riveting stuff!

SEGUIN 2004 91p

Tasted twice - last time in March 2014. Consistent notes. Lovely nose of black fruit and milk chocolate, soft texture, superb balance, elegant and smooth finish. Lovely wine and ready to drink.



Tasted in October 2018. Fat and concentrated, long and highly complex. Amazing stuff.


Tasted twice - last time in September 2015. Consistent notes. More concentrated and fatter wine than in 2009. Tannin is riper here. Amazing stuff.


Tasted three times - last time in March 2015. Consistent notes. This luxury cuvee made from old vines was more profound and had a longer finish than regular cuvee. Imposing and stunning wine.


Tasted in September 2014. Dusty flavours, a bit earthy, ripe grapes, lovely intensity and length, lacking maybe precision.


Tasted twice - last time in March 2016. Consistent notes. It has a cherry nose and cherry flavour on the palate, beautifully constructed, splendid complexity and depth, excellent balance, and a long meaty finish. Impressive stuff.


Tasted twice - last time in March 2014. Consistent notes. Denis Darriet makes this wine from the selection of the best parcels of Seguin. It is imposing wine showing incredibly aromatic black fruit (blueberries), tight, concentrated, complex, well-structured and splendid long finish. Excellent treat!

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