La Cabanne is situated a few hundred meters from Bourgneuf and Clinet in the best part of the district, Le Plateau Argileux (on the right side of Route Nationale 89 in direction Perigueux). The surface is clay mixed with sand, and the subsoil is rich in stoned clay-like greasy stones with clear brown lines of iron oxide. Here, we are talking about a traditionally made wine for long keeping as it evolves slowly, without modern style gimmicks.

Estager's family originated from Correze and settled in Pomerol in 1952. Francois Estager has been in charge of La Cabanne since 2000 (after his father's death the same year) and has steadily tried to improve its quality. The last two vintages, 2016 and 2015, prove he's been very successful, and La Cabanne has moved relatively high up in quality.

At the end of March 2017, Francois Estager arranged a tasting of all vintages between 2000 and 2015 in which I participated. Only 2008 was missing among tasted wines because of the fire in March 2010,  which destroyed the cellar with this vintage in vats. The entire cellar and winemaking facilities had to be rebuilt. The tasting was a great experience, and I looked into La Cabanne's style and capacity.

La Cabanne is 92% Merlot and 8% Cabernet Franc, vines are app. Thirty years old on average, the wine spends 18 months in 60% new barrels.

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Great effort from La Cabanne in 2016!


2021 La Cabanne (barrel sample) 89p

Tasted in April 2022. Aromatic raspberries, morello cherries, ripe tannin, lively, tasty, nicely structured, glossy palate, and sleek aftertaste. Seductive effort. 

2018 La Cabanne (barrel sample) 95p

Tasted in May 2019. Since 2013, consulting oenologist here has been Thomas Duclos, and his work can be tasted beginning with the 2015 vintage when the quality of the wine went significantly up. The intense nose of black cherries, potent and strong, stylish, precise and focused, splendid complexity and length. Badass wine. 94% Merlot + 6% Cabernet Franc. 

2017 La Cabanne (barrel sample) 93p

Tasted in April 2018. Attractive, very well-constructed, with splendid acidity, depth, and length. Grabs your attention.

2016 La Cabanne (barrel sample) 95+p

Tasted in March 2017. Revelation! This wine amazed me as it is one of the best vintages ever made at this property!  I didn't expect this wine to be that intense and powerful. Great acidity, depth, and length. Fabulously intense nose of black cherries. I believe 2016 will surpass 2015 here. I hope this wine won't be filtrated before bottling.

2015 La Cabanne (barrel sample) 93-94p

Tasted twice - last time in March 2017. A significant step up in quality compared to recent vintages. Very pretty wine with silky cherry fruit and tannin, splendid acidity, structure, and fine finish.

2014 La Cabanne 91p

Tasted twice - last time in March 2017. Consistent notes. Fruity and aromatic, good concentration and complexity, nice acidity and structure. Very traditional Pomerol wine.

2013 La Cabanne 86p

Tasted twice - last time in March 2017. Consistent notes. Attractive and tasty fruit with very good acidity, balance, and firm finish, but this wine is light and short. It was impossible to make better wine in this rainy vintage. Won't keep long.

2012 La Cabanne 90p

Tasted in March 2017. Lovely complexity, succulent, harmonious, and enjoyable. Good depth and length. Catchy aromas of cherries. Really good for the vintage.

2011 La Cabanne 88p

Tasted in March 2017. A bit tight and had some touch of green flavor, which meant ripeness of the fruit and tannin hadn't been optimal.

2010 La Cabanne 93p

Tasted in March 2017. Stronger and with fatter tannin than in 2009. More concentration of cherry fruit with the scent of fresh truffles. Great complexity and length. Impressive vintage for the property.

2009 La Cabanne 92p

Tasted in March 2017. Fresh truffles on the nose, potent, complex, long, fruity finish. Reminds a lot of splendid 2005.

2007 La Cabanne 85p

Tasted in March 2017. There is a lack of ripeness, chunky wine with lovely tasty fruit, and a round but short aftertaste.

2006 La Cabanne 89p

Tasted twice - last time in March 2017. Consistent notes.Truffy, pleasant, lightfooted, tasty, and with a nice fruity finish. Ready to be consumed.

2005 La Cabanne 92p

Tasted twice - last time in March 2017. Consistent notes. Potent and concentrated, splendid acidity, strong tannin kept in ave by fleshy ripe fruit, superb balance. Great effort.

2004 La Cabanne 90p

Tasted in March 2017. Very aromatic cherries, good acidity, attractive, polished, good bite, depth, and length. Well-made.

2003 La Cabanne 89p

I tasted in March 2017. This wine wasn't affected by extreme heat during the summer of 2003, only a touch of licorice. Strawberry flavor. Otherwise round, tasty, and with a fruity aftertaste.

2002 La Cabanne 89p

Tasted in March 2017. Keeping its freshness well, mature flavors of truffles and raspberries. Elegant and tasty. Good balance. Just about reaching its peak.

2001 La Cabanne 90p

Tasted twice - last time in March 2017. Not consistent notes. More concentrated, deeper, and longer while tasted in March 2012. When tasted in March 2017, this wine was more forward and developed. Truffy, mature, pleasant, and round. A bit more concentrated and longer compared to 2002.

2000 La Cabanne 90p

Tasted in March 2017. Not unlike 2001 and 2002, more forward, however, more intense and with better fruit. Coffee and truffles. Fine mature Pomerol wine to enjoy.

1998 La Cabanne (magnum) 91p.

Tasted in March 2012. Backward and tight, concentrated and long. We have to wait for this wine to soften.

1989 La Cabanne (magnum)  93+p

Tasted in March 2012. Still young and powerful wine with perfectly ripe fruit with catching sweetness, great balance, and a long aftertaste. Long life waits ahead. Impressive.

1975 La Cabanne (magnum) 92p

Tasted in March 2012. Supple and potent at the same time, powerful tannin and equally powerful fruit with metallic (truffle) scent coming from "crasse de fer" (iron dirt) which La Cabanne has a lot of in its subsoil. Long finish. Splendid stuff for long aging and well worth the rating.

1971 La Cabanne (magnum) 88p

Tasted in March 2012. This wine was a bit tired, light, round, and charming. It should be consumed soon. It was at its peak some years ago.

1964 La Cabanne 96p

Tasted twice - last time in March 2012. This wine was recorked in 2008. Before tasting it in Copenhagen, I tasted this wine already in 1988, together with Francois's father, Jean-Pierre Estager. Stunningly expressive Pomerols at 24 years of age. Twenty-four years later, in 2012, this 48 years old wine has retained its vitality and energy and tasted the same as in 1988!! Truffles everywhere. Tannins were still fresh, backed by the subtle fundament of acidity, formidable balance, depth, and length. This wine had enough stuffing to be alive and kicking for an additional ten years. A great example of how unbelievable the long life span of Bordeaux wines has. Meditation wine – yes, it truly is!