Tasted from the barrel in March-April 2003 - first impression

Surely classic vintage again, but quite up and down in quality. Useful? Yes, because of the low prices. Will compete with 2001 vintage in terms of quality, but these two vintages have different style and appeal.

Until September 2002 vintage was heading towards a disastrous one, because of really bad weather in spring and summer. But suddenly everything changed and dry, sunny and warm weather came back in September and October. This saved the vintage. Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc said thank you very much and were exceptional, while Merlot was a mixed bag of fortune. Merlot growing on clayish soils suffered considerably from coulure and millerandage during spring, but not Merlot on gravelly soils.

Some wines are extremely tannic and dry – simply because winemakers tried too hard to compensate for bad weather, overdoing extraction and use of new oak.

Among reds, 2002 vintage is best in Margaux, Pauillac and Graves, but some St.Emilions and Pomerols did very well indeed.

2002 vintage in Sauternes & Barsac doesn't seem to be as thrilling as 2001. Not quite the same level of botrytis and wines show less richness and less acidity. Some wines taste very sugary/sweet and this comes from dried rather than botrytised grapes harvested in September. IMO, this vintage can be compared to 1996 or 1998.

White dry wines seem to have gained even more maturity and acidity than in 2001. IMO, 2002 will surpass 2001 in quality.

The following tasting notes are sampled at Union des Grands Crus tastings unless stated otherwise.


Red wines:

Bouscaut - quite successful wine from this property with tasty ripe berries and ripe tannin. Give it a try. 88p. 2007-2016.

Carbonnieux - concentrated and with quite nice structure, but the tannin is dominating at the moment. 87p. 2006-2012.

Les Carmes Haut Brion - well-crafted with fine balance and ripe fruit. Gives a lot of pleasure. 88-89p. 2007-2016.

Chantegrive - tasty and well-made wine with no hard edges. Very friendly and charming. 86-87p. 2006-2012.

Domaine de Chevalier - deep nose of very ripe and aromatic fruit. Well-structured. A bit unbalanced on the palate, but this will soon be over. Seems to have a very promising future. 89-91p. 2008- 2020.

Ferrande - flowery aroma, well-balanced and with finesse. Fine wine. 87p. 2006-2012.

Fieuzal - ripe berries with sweetness, complex and long on the palate. Well-made. 89p. 2007-2016.

de France - new oak and nice fruit. Correct wine which neither disappoints you nor makes you very happy. 86p. 2005-2012.

Larrivet Haut Brion - on the light side with soft and sweet berry fruit. 86-87p. 2005-2012.

La Louviere - well-structured and with quite long and nice aftertaste. Lacks more depth and better structure to make headlines. 87p. 2006-2015.

Malartic Lagraviere - strong and lang on the palate, has a fine and deep aroma of dark berries. Complex and well-structured. 88-89p. 2007-2018.

Olivier - very intense and refined. Packed with sweet berries and full-bodied. Delicious and very impressive. 90p. 2007-2015.

Pape Clement - delicate with pleasant fruit and ripe tannin, good backbone. Harmonious and well-made. 88p. 2008-2020.

Picque Caillou - quite powerful wine with well-defined fruit, fine structure and complexity. 88p. 2007-2018.

Rahoul - simple, round and soft wine which will mature rather quickly. 85p. 2005-2010.

Smith Haut Lafitte - this one is really excellent. Very intense and concentrated. Powerful and delicate at the same time. 91-92p. 2008-2018.

La Tour Martillac - Dark, big fruit-extract, strong but ripe tannin. Modern style. Splendid wine. 89p. 2006-2016.

Didn't perform well: Haut Bailly and Haut Bergey. Judgement reserved.

Also tasted - at the property (September 2003)

Haut Brion - incredibly intense with fabulous structure. Very strong and robust, gobs of ultra-concentrated ripe and luscious fruit in astonishing collaboration with big amounts of fat and ripe tannin. This wine is a big thrill and surely among the top six wines of the vintage. 95-96p. 2010-2030.

La Mission Haut Brion - doesn't have the sheer power of Haut-Brion, but is nevertheless almost as thrilling as her big brother, Huge amounts of very intense and incredibly aromatic dark cherries, superbly concentrated and long, dominated of new oak. Simply fabulous wine and it gets 93-94p. 2010-2025.

White wines:

Bouscaut - sourish, nice fruit, reasonable concentration. 86p. 2006-2012.

Carbonnieux - quite backward and sourish. Balance is not there at the moment. 85p?

Chantegrive - acacia, apple, very intense and aromatic, incredibly tasty and well-drawn. Simply splendid and catchy. 90-91p. 2006-2012.

Domaine de Chevalier - fat and concentrated acacia, peach and melon fruit, splendid acidity. Extremely sophisticated and well-balanced. Simply fabulous. 93-95p. 2010-2022.

Ferrande - spicy acacia flower, oaky and with a light texture. OK wine. 86p. 2006-2012.

de France - spicy acacia, melon and peach, some finesse and elegance. Quite good. 86-87p. 2006-2012.

Haut Bergey - this wine is both elegant and strong with impeccable structure and long aftertaste. Aromatic and intense fruit. Simply delicious. 91-93p. 2008-2016.

La Louviere - decent wine with really tasty peach and lemon fruit. Good structure and length. 87-88p. 2007-2012.

Larrivet Haut Brion - this wine makes you feel very comfortable with velvety fruit and tannin, which match each other extremely well. Very complex and rich. 91p. 2008-2016.

Malartic Lagraviere - good supple and round wine for immediate pleasure. 86p. 2006-2010.

Olivier - stunning example of white Graves with incredible intensity, fabulous structure and long aftertaste. Angels are singing. 92-93p. 2008-2016.

Pape Clement - refined, finesse, well-defined fruit, aromatic and long on the palate. Very classic. 91-92p. 2008-2018.

Picque Caillou - nice light wine for early drinking. 86p. 2006-2010.

Smith Haut Lafitte - sublime structure and depth. Well-packed with acacia, apple and citrus fruit backed by a sufficient amount of ripe tannin. Looks fine to me. 90p. 2008-2018.

La Tour Martillac - a bit on the sourish side but well-composed and with nice depth in structure. Will certainly improve. 89-90p. 2007-2015.

Didn't perform well - Fieuzal and Rahoul. Judgement reserved.

Also tasted - at the property (September 2003)

Haut Brion - fat creamy fruit with peaches, lemon and honey-melon. Extremely sophisticated with stunning finesse and richness. What a length. A perfect example of how exceptional 2002 is for the whites! 96-98p. 2008-2020.

Laville Haut Brion - almost as extravagant as Haut Brion. Maybe slightly less intense but what a wine! 94-96p. 2008-2018.


D'Arche – this one is really, really nice. Fabulous sweetness and corresponding acidity cooperating smoothly, very intense, full-bodied and very long on the palate. Best d'Arche in years. 92+p. 2008-2015.

Bastor Lamontagne – smooth and nice spicy fruit, shows fine botrytis, nice length and structure. 87-88p. 2007-2012.

Caillou – elegant and well-balanced, showing good botrytis and lusciousness. 87p. 2006-2010.

Clos Haut Peyraguey – has good length and is quite well-structured and with nice tasty fruit. Less botrytis here. 86p. 2007-2010.

Coutet – splendid botrytis, very harmonious, rich and well put together. This is a lovely wine. 90-92p. 2008-2015.

Doisy Daëne – elegant with finesse, harmonious and very tasty. 87p. 2007-2012.

de Fargues – beautifully crafted wine with finesse, refined, very complex and tasty. Fine botrytis. Great potential here. 92+p. 2010-2020.

Filhot - honey, peaches and mandarins, fine botrytis, great complexity. Terrific wine. 90p. 2008-20015.

Guiraud – extremely full-bodied and refined, fabulous botrytis and exquisite balance. The nose is simply extraordinary. 95p. 2010-2020.

Lamothe Despujols – strong effort from this property. Fine botrytis, good acidity, long and rich on the palate. Full-bodied and complex. 89-90p. 2007-2012.

de Myrat – botrytis "looks" splendid, delicious tropical fruit, rich and nuanced. Terrific wine. 90p. 2007-2012.

Nairac – well-developed botrytis, nicely concentrated, tasty and harmonious. A crowd-pleaser. 87+p. 2007-2012.

Rabaud Promis – well-balanced, nicely sweet and tasty fruit, very elegant. Charming. 87p. 2007-2012.

Rayne Vigneau – sophisticated and refined, nice botrytis, elegant and harmonious. Everybody will like it. 89p. 2007-2012.

Rieussec - hits you with sheer power. Strong on the palate, very concentrated and with concrete-like structure. Excellent potential. 93+p. 2010-2020.

Romer du Hayot – apricots and peaches, nice depth and length on the palate. Not more than useful wine. 86p. 2007-2012.

Sigalas Rabaud – this property has been in sparkling form since 1996. 2002 is a stunning example of meticulous winemaking. Pure and refined botrytis, very spicy acacia honey, big concentration combined with many nuances, extremely long aftertaste. 93+p. 2008-2018.

Suduiraut – almost like Sigalas Rabaud, but less spicy fruit. Stunning wine. 93+p. 2010-2018.

Didn't perform well: Broustet, Doisy Vedrines, Lafaurie Peyraguey, Lamothe Guignard, de Malle, Suau and La Tour Blanche. Judgement reserved.

Also tasted – at the property:

Les Justices – orange peel, mandarins, fine botrytis and concentrated. Sugary. 87+p. 2006-2010.

Raymond Lafon – sophisticated, rich and very long on the palate. Has excellent botrytis and acidity. This one is splendid, but IMO won't be able to compete with the otherworldly 2001! 93+p. 2008-2020.


La Tour de By - pleasant wine with tasty fruit, harmonious and charming. 86p. 2006-2012.

Didn't perform well: Greysac. Judgement reserved.


Fonreaud - aromatic, succulent and robust wine with a lot of character and style. 89p. 2006-2014.

Fourcaus Dupré - reminds a lot of Fonreaud. Less power and concentration here. 88-89p. 2005-2012.

Fourcaus Hosten - well-made and charming wine. Nice tasty fruit and good structure. 87p. 2006-2012.

Didn't perform well - Clarke. Judgement reserved.


Chasse-Spleen - lots of dark fruit (blackberries and cherries) on the nose, really full-bodied, perfectly balanced and with a long and lingering aftertaste. 90p. 2008-2018.

Maucaillou - medium-strong wine with nice fruit and soft tannin. 86p. 2005-2010.

Poujeaux - ripe berries, tasty and harmonious, quite attractive. Drinks with pleasure, 87p. 2006-2012.


Beaumont - earthy character, quite oaky, good structure. 85p. 2006-2012.

Belgrave - spicy dark fruit. Nice concentration and structure. Not bad at all. 87p. 2007-2015.

Camensac - cherry drops but not that sweet, good structure and length. Just nice wine. 86p. 2006-2012.

Cantemerle - reminds of Camensac, but here wine's better knitted together. 86-87p. 2006-2015.

Citran - on the elegant side, harmonious and tasty, complex and long. Really well-made. 88p. 2006-2015.

Coufran - meaty and harmonious. 86p. 2006-2012.

Lamarque - like Coufran. 86p. 2006-2012.

La Lagune - very meaty and aromatic, dark fruit with sweetness, quite some tannin, very harmonious. Very nice effort indeed. 88p+. 2006-2018.

Malescasse - delicious on the nose and palate, elegant with finesse, long aftertaste. 88p. 2006-2015.

La Tour Carnet - well-composed wine with fine balance, quite strong and long on the palate. Impressive wine. 88p. 2006-2015.


d'Angludet - Nice wine with a light texture and quite some charm. 85p. 2005-2010.

Cantenac Brown - well-hidden fruit, elegant and some finesse. 85p. 2005-2010.

Dauzac - big surprise. A full-bodied wine with delicious and luscious fruit everywhere. Sophisticated and with many nuances. Stunning effort! 90-91p. 2006-2015.

Ferriere - big surprise too! As stunning as Dauzac. 90-91p. 2006-2015.

Giscours - this property's getting better and better. After fabulous 2000 and splendid 2001, comes very successful 2002. Well-packed with sweet and perfectly mature fruit. Fine structure and a lot of character. 88p. 2006-2018.

Labegorce - elegant wine with nice fruit, pleasant and harmonious. 86p. 2006-2012.

Lascombes - this property's on the rise. Modern, fruity style, full-bodied and strong, but at the same time also refined and sophisticated. Fabulous wine. 92-93p. 2008-2020.

Malescot St.Euxpery - aromatic and ripe berries, quite full-bodied and charming. Correct wine. 87p. 2005-2012.

Marquis d'Alesme Becker - succulent, ripe blackberries and raspberries, very long on the palate and with sheer finesse. Sensual wine! 90-91p. 2006-2015.

Marquis de Terme - a kind of sensation. I simply fell in love with this wine. Incredibly well-defined, impeccable balance and lots of luscious blackberries and cherries. Full-bodied and very sophisticated. Simply fabulous! 92-93p. 2006-2020.

Monbrison - great depth and complexity, ripe dark berries, well-composed. Long and lingering finish. What a catch! 90-91p. 2006-2015.

Siran - Full-bodied, quite concentrated and well-structured. All in this wine is well put together. Splendid one. 88-89p. 2006-2015.

Didn't perform well - Brane Cantenac, Kirwan and Rausan Gassies. Judgement reserved.

Also tasted - at the property

Margaux - Aristocraticly perfumed on the nose, very refined and sophisticated. Very long and with stunning structure. Whoa! 95-96p. 2008-2028.

Palmer - incredibly elegant and sophisticated, beautifully crafted. Sweet berries and tannin in a silky package. Maybe as thrilling as 2000. 95-96p. 2008-2025.


Beychevelle - sappy, medium weight, elegant and round. 87p. 2006-2015.

Branaire - light wine with ripe fruit and elegance. I've expected more power and concentration here. 87p. 2006-2015.

Gruaud Larose - reveals an incredibly nice nose of perfectly ripe dark berries of great intensity and depth. Superbly concentrated on the palate and complex. A beautiful wine. 93-94p. 2008-2025.

Lagrange - like Branaire. 87p. 2006-2015.

Langoa Barton - ripe and luscious berry fruit, meaty and with many nuances. Delightful. 88-89p. 2008-2018.

Leoville Barton - more depth and tannin here compared to Langoa Barton. Be patient. 89-90p. 2008-2020.

Leoville Poyferre - full and well-composed wine with sweet blackberries and dark cherries. More depth and more concentration, please! 87p. 2006-2015.

Talbot - has more concentration and depth here than L. Poyferre. Better fruit and better complexity. 88p. 2007-2016.


Croizet Bages - a bit sturdy, but nice depth and length. Oaky and a lot of tannins, but well-balanced. Not bad. 86p. 2007-2016.

Grand Puy Ducasse - a very friendly wine with sweet fruit everywhere. Well-composed and long at the palate. Finesse. This wine is simply a sheer pleasure. 90p. 2005-2015.

Haut Bages Liberal - Prunes and cherries, great intensity of fruit. Powerful, rich and with a long aftertaste. Dream wine. 93p. 2008-2018.

Pichon Baron - very complex and multi-layered. Well-defined berry fruit with sweetness. Splendid wine, but lacks more depth and concentration to be really perfect. 90-91p. 2007-2018.

Pontet Canet - tannic and edgy. Tasted a lot better in September 2003. 86p? 2008-2018.

Didn't perform well - Lynch Bages and Lynch Moussas. Judgement reserved.

Also tasted - at the property

Carruaders de Lafite - lighter version of Lafite. Delicious second wine. 88p. 2006-2014.

Duhart Millon - full, long with strong structure, robust and well-defined. This is a splendid wine-work! 90p. 2007-2018.

Lafite - what a diversity of nuances and what a fantastic aroma of leather, dark cherries and blueberries. Extremely sophisticated and with sensational depth. This is a knock-out! 96-98p. 2010-2030.


Cos Labory - quite chewy and aromatic wine with finesse and good structure. 87p.

Lafon Rochet - tannic and strong, but not quite harmonious. Needs quite some time to soften. 87p. 2008-2022.

Les Ormes de Pez - also here mature and sweet fruit combined with nice complexity and lengthy aftertaste. Splendid wine. 88-89p. 2008-2020.

Phelan Segur - elegant, sweet berries and nice structure. Well-made. 88p. 2008-2020.

Also tasted - at the property

Cos d'Estournel - tannic, robust and very concentrated. Not one of the usual, finesse-like wines, but who cares? 90-92p. 2008-2025.

Montrose - backward and tannic, but underlying power and concentration show there is plenty of everything. Patience needed. 90-92p. 2008-2025.


GRAND CRU – at Cercle Rive Droite tasting

Bellevue - modern style with a lot of extract and tannin. 86-87p. 2006-2012.

Croix de Labrie – aromatic, fine balance and very tasty blackberry fruit. Well-made. 87-88p. 2006-2012.

Destieux – made in traditional style, dense and fat with perfectly ripe fruit. A lot of character here. 89p. 2008-2018.

Faugeres - quite ripe spicy raspberries, light and pleasant. 83-85p. 2006-2010.

Ferrand Lartigue – full-bodied, impressive, nice ripe fruit. Quite delicious wine. 87-88p. 2007-2015.

La Gomerie – very concentrated, complex, long aftertaste. Nicely crafted. 89p. 2007-2015.

Grand Corbin Despagne – elegant, nice fruit, charming. Quite light. 84-86p. 2006-2010.

Sansonnet – fat, concentrated with a very pronounced aroma of flowers. Full-bodied. 87-88p. 2006-2012.

de Valandraud – pleasant, some ripe fruit, light texture. Nothing to be excited about. 84-86p. 2006-2010.

Also tasted – at the property

de Pressac - aroma of dark cherries and blackberries, full-bodied, quite nice finish. Attractive and tasty wine. 87p. 2005-2012.


Balestard La Tonnelle – ripe fruit (raspberries, blackberries and black cherries), well-structured and long on the palate. Splendid. 88-89p. 2007-2015.

Berliquet – incredibly well-perfumed on the nose, lots of ripe berries, strong and well-structured. Pretty one. 88-90p. 2007-2015.

Canon-La-Gaffeliere – a wolf in disguise. Has a lot to offer but be patient! 91-92p. 2008-2018.

Cap de Mourlin – nice structure, quite acidy but holds good balance, reasonable length on the palate. 86-87p. 2006-2010.

Dassault – fruit drops, ripe blackberries and cherries. Splendid on the palate with depth and many nuances. Delicious and beautiful wine. 91-93p. 2008-2018.

La Dominique – violets and roses, quite light and uncomplicated. 84-85p. 2006-2010.

Fonplegade – quite edgy and tannic. Short on the palate. 84-85p. 2006-2010.

Franc Mayne – nicely structured but on the light side. 84-85p. 2006-2010.

Grand Mayne – well-made, sophisticated, tasty and complex. A staggering effort from this property. 91-92p. 2008-2018.

Larcis Ducasse – great debut vintage for Nicolas Thienpont (Pavie Macquin) and Stephane Derenencourt (Canon-La-Gaffeliere), who oversaw the vinification. Extremely stylish and complex. Perfectly ripe berries and long aftertaste. 90-91p. 2008-2020.

Larmande – aromatic, charming and on the light side. 84-86p. 2006-2010.

Pavie Decesse – very ripe berries and violets. Big extraction of fruit, but balanced. 88-89p. 2006-2015.

Troplong Mondot – strong and robust, a beautiful aroma of ripe berries. A really well-made wine. 89-90p. 2008-2020.

Also tasted – at the property

Corbin – spicy sweet fruit, concentrated and well-knitted wine. Full-bodied and tasty. Well done Anabelle Cruse Bardinet! 89p. 2006-2015.

Corbin Michotte – is as always very elegant and packed with delicious and tasty fruit. Easy to make friends with. Well-made and very balanced. 89p. 2006-2015.


Angelus – big extract, modern style, the fruit is well-hidden somewhere. Not yet in balance. 87-88p. 2008-2015.

Beau-Sejour Becot – creamy, concentrated, very complex, dark cherries. Brilliant wine. 91-92p. 2008-2016.

Beausejour Duffau – very tannic and not accessible. 88p?

Canon – raspberry drops on the nose. Strong, robust and long. A stunning effort from this property. 90-92p. 2007-20016.

Clos Fourtet – oaky and robust. Seems more powerful and robust than usual. A change of style? 88-89p. 2007-2015.

Figeac – flowery, very tannic and oaky. Give it time. 87-88p. 2008-2015.

La Gaffeliere – quite oaky and tannic but well-concentrated, deep and full-bodied. Nice future here! 89-90p. 2008-2016

Pavie – modern style and big extract. Ultra ripe fruit, well-balanced and robust. Just splendid! 90-92p. 2008-2018p.

Trottevieille – nice nose, not that oaky and tannic. Well-balanced and tasty. 88-89p. 2006-2015.

Also tasted - at the property/tasting place

Ausone – 55% Cabernet Franc and 45% Merlot. Full-bodied and with a sophisticated nose. Very complex on the palate, refined and long. Not a bodybuilder but neither a weakling. A medium-strong Ausone which shows finesse and lots of nuances, instead of muscles. 94-96p. 2010-2025.

Cheval Blanc – strong, oaky, full-bodied and with a long aftertaste. Looks just fine. 93-95p. 2010-2025.

La Confession (Grand Cru) - luscious ripe fruit, fine depth and length. Very nice effort. 89-90p. 2005-2010.

Fonroque (Grand Cru Classé) - fruity style with nice balance and fine length. 88p. 2005-2010.

Rol Valentin (Grand Cru) - deliciously ripe and incredibly tasty fruit. Harmonious as well. A very pretty and seductive wine. 89-90p. 2005-2012.

Tertre Roteboeuf – perfectly ripe fruit, very elegant and very complex. Sophisticated. Tastes however a bit lighter than usual. Will it put on weight in the barrel? 91-93p. 2008-2018.


Beauregard – all in tannin. Inaccessible at present. 86p?

La Cabanne – sappy, well-structured and robust wine. Traditional style but really well-made. 88p. 2008-2015.

Clinet – nose promises a lot but taste disappoints a lot. Something is not right here. 85p. 2006-2012.

La Conseillante – tannin, tannin and tannin again on the palate. But this wine's really flattering on the nose. 88-89p. 2007-2016.

La Croix de Gay – quite tannic, sappy and robust. 86-87p. 2006-2015.

Gazin – something to be happy about. Nice perfumed nose, harmonious, strong tannin which is kept in tight ropes by ripe raspberries. Well-made. 89+p. 2008-2016.

Petit Village – tannic and quite difficult to judge. 86p?

La Pointe – tannin is once again quite apparent in this wine. Perfumed and ripe berries. 86-87p. 2006-2015.

Vieux Château Certan – Cabernet Franc reached sugar level corresponding to 13.8% alcohol! Very tight texture, concentrated, complex and very long aftertaste. Great effort. 90-92p. 2008-2018.

Also tasted - at the property/Cercle Rive Droite

Bon Pasteur – sweet fruit, round and soft. On the light side. 88-89p. 2007-2015.

Bourgneuf Vayron - robust and strong with a lot of fruit and tannin. Traditional style. 88p. 2008-20018.

La Clemence – from the owner of Destieux. Very stylish with finesse and refinement, creamy fruit and complex. Splendid wine. 90-91p. 2008-2018.

La Croix St.Georges - Well-crafted wine with luscious ripe fruit, fine complexity and long palate. Excellent wine-work in this difficult vintage. 91-92p.

L'Enclos - very fruity, pleasant and tasty. Drinks very easy. 87p. 2005-2010.

La Fleur de Gay – strong, tannins are very apparent. Needs time to get rid of sharp edges. 87+p. 2010-2018.

Lafleur – this one is 55% Cabernet Franc and 45% Merlot. Refined and sophisticated with a fabulous level of fruit sweetness. After the monumental 2000 and excellent 2001, this vintage proves once again Lafleur's sky-high quality. 93-94p. 2010-2028.

Mazeyres - elegant and charming, fine tannins, pleasant wine. 86-87p. 2005-2012.

Montviel - reminds a lot of Mazeyres, but has more concentration and depth. 87-88p. 2005-2012.

Le Pin – sweet fruit, smooth texture, very balanced, many nuances and well structured. Not a blockbuster, rather an elegant version. 90-91p. 2008-2018.

Rouget - ripe berry fruit, new oak and very complex. Has a nice balance. Splendid wine. Only 22 hl/ha! 89-90p. 2008-2016.

Vieux Maillet - pleasant and tasty wine with a smooth finish. 87p. 2005-2015.


de Chambrun - not that different from La Croix St.Georges. Spicy and very tasty fruit. Staggering effort. 90p.

Fleur de Bouard - very polished and easy wine, which will mature rather quickly. 86p.


Veyry - Splendid and well-defined dark fruit, well-balanced and nicely put together. A lot of potential here. 88p. 2007-2012.


Fougas Maldoror - spicy blackberries, robust and well-concentrated, fine balance. Splendid wine. 88p. 2007-2012.

Roc des Cambes - perfectly ripe fruit, fat, spicy character. Robust and strong. From the hands of a genius winemaker, Francois Mitjavile. 88-89p. 2007-2015.


Barrabaque Cuvée Prestige - complex and nuanced wine, which offers blueberries and cherries in fine company with ripe tannin. 88p. 2006-2015.

Fontenil - very sappy and aromatic, strong, luscious fruit and fine balance. Very fine for the vintage. 89p. 2006-2016.

Moulin Haut Laroque - well-defined, superbly concentrated, full-bodied and long on the palate. 88p. 2006-2015.

Moulin Pey Labrie - splendid wine with a lot of spicy-sweet berry fruit, aromatic and long taste. 88-89p. 2006-2015.

Les Trois Croix - very perfumed but light. Harmonious. 86p. 2005-2012.

La Vieille Cure - under same management as Moulin Haut Laroque. Less concentrated and not so long taste compared to Moulin Haut Laroque. 86p. 2006-2014.


Le Conseiller - first vintage from the new owner, Jean-Philippe Janouiex, and a really nice one. This wine comes from 100% Merlot and is full-bodied, intense and has an excellent grade of ripeness in both fruit and tannin. 89p. 2006-2012.

Mouton - more backward and less flattering than Le Conseillier (neighbour to Mouton). Owned by Jean-Philippe Janouiex (de Chambrun and La Confession). 87p. 2006-2012.


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