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Mini-vertical with Marielle Cazaux in October 2018


LA CONSEILLANTE 2021 (barrel sample) 95p 

Tasted in April 2022. 85% Merlot + 15% Cabernet Franc. 13.3% alcohol. Fresh, lively, violets and iris, raspberries, stylish elegance and finesse, sophisticated touch. Superb effort in this difficult vintage. 

LA CONSEILLANTE 2020 (barrel sample) 98+p 

Tasted in May 2021. 87% Merlot + 13% Cabernet Franc. 14% alcohol. Dense nose of winter black truffle and violets. I found out it had a more tannic structure on the palate than usual, but finesse and elegance were still there with great complexity and sophisticated touch. Excellent precision and tremendous length. Utterly impressive stuff from the winemaker, Marielle Cazaux. Wow!

LA CONSEILLANTE 2019  (barrel sample) 98+p 

Tasted in June 2020. 84% Merlot + 16% Cabernet Franc, 14.5% alcohol. Marielle Cazaux, the winemaker, used a technique called "debourbage" during maceration, which separates clear juice and solids, so the only clear juice comes back to the vat/barrel. Freshness, complexity, sophisticated and rich. Very blueberry and black cherry. Velvety fruit and tannin. Awesome structure, elegance and impressive length. It seems to me there is more precision in 2019 than in 2018 and more typicity of Pomerol. Stunning effort. 


Tasted four times - last time in November 2021. Consistent notes. 80% Merlot + 20% Cabernet Franc. 14% alcohol.  Very sensual and captivating wine with aromatic violets and cherries, lots of elegance and finesse. Utterly complex and expressive wine, charismatic and with a great finish. Wow!


Tasted four times - last time in November 2021. Not consistent notes. Tricky barrel sample in April 2018 to taste, and it didn't help by far too many people gathering in LC's cellar on the first day of primeur tasting. Retasted in September and October 2018, it showed a lot of elegance and finesse, excellent length, and complexity. Great Pomerol style here.


Tasted three times - last time in November 2021. Consistent notes. Marielle Cazaux, winemaker here since summer 2015, made imho better wine in 2016 than in 2015. Great elegance and finesse here, silky fruit and tannin, velvety texture, very precise and focused.


Tasted three times - last time in November 2021. Not consistent notes. Not quite as exciting as expected while tasted at the property in April 2016. The barrel sample lacked freshness and had a touch of overripe flavours. Much, much more convincing in October 2018. Sweet, silky texture, 14.5% alcohol, but you can't feel it, a lot of elegance and finesse. Great complexity and catchy style. Even better in November 2021, with a lot of grace and finesse, great complexity and catchy style. 


Tasted three times - last time in November 2021. Consistent notes. Has more Cabernet Franc in the blend (22%) than other vintages (15-18%). A very sophisticated and refined wine, exquisite and with a lot of finesse and style.

LA CONSEILLANTE 2013 (barrel sample) 94p

Tasted twice during March/April 2014. Consistent notes. This wine mirrored impressions from tasting 2012 from barrel previous primeur. Violets, finesse, elegance, very complex and refined. Excellent wine work.

LA CONSEILLANTE 2012 (barrel sample) 93p?

Tasted in April 2013. Sophisticated and refined with high intensity of black cherries, lush and exquisite, velvety texture, excellent balance and long smooth aftertaste. Great effort for the vintage. In March 2014, it tasted weak, less intense, less structured and tired, probably because of transferring wine to vats before bottling.


Tasted five times - last time in September 2019. Consistent notes. This wine had very aromatic fruit on the nose, silkiness on the palate, great complexity and structure. Long fruity finish.


Tasted three times - last time in March 2014. Consistent notes. Chocolate, black cherries, violets and wonderful balance. Sophisticated and refined on the palate with a long finish. A stunning wine with great style.


Tasted four times - last time in November 2021. Consistent notes. 39.5 hl/ha. Lighter than 2010 but almost as impressive. Sophisticated touch and classy elegance. Excellent wine.

LA CONSEILLANTE 2008 (barrel sample) 93p

Tasted in March 2009. This wine appeared velvety and aromatic all over, pure elegance and sophisticated touch so typical for this property, long and graceful finish. Entertaining stuff.


Tasted in March 2014. Quite evolved with slightly jammy flavours. Light texture. Merlot wasn't a revelation in this vintage, and it's obvious to taste. I think this wine is speeding up in maturity very fast. Nice and charming.


Tasted five times - last time in November 2021. Consistent notes. Yield - 38 hl/ha. Great stuff coming from this outstanding vintage. Truffles, seductive nose, elegant and incredibly classy wine, red meat, very sophisticated, great structure, and incredibly long aftertaste. Fantastic wine, and I wonder if 2010 will turn out to be better.


Tasted four times - last time in April 2011. Consistent notes. Magnum. Dark red, truffles, aromatic, subtle, excellent structure, well-balanced, much style and grace. A textbook Pomerol.


Tasted in April 2011. Big yield (49 hl/ha). Truffles again, very distinguished and stylish wine, elegant and seductive. Wonderful stuff.


Tasted in November 2021 from magnum. It revealed some green notes on the nose, but I believe they belonged to Cabernet Franc, and they weren't unripe flavours. The fruit was a bit warm, but overall, this wine displayed fine fruit intensity, splendid structure and a meaty finish.


Tasted in April 2011. From magnum. Yield 53 hl/ha. Keeping very well, truffles again, stunning elegance and finesse, high intensity and structure. Extraordinary wine.


Tasted in October 2019. Relatively light, aromatic, soft texture, tasty fruit, supple and elegant. Still quite enjoyable wine, but it's fading away.


Tasted in November 2019. A scent of truffles on the nose, well-balanced, finesse and elegance, well-defined and with a lingering finish. Lovely wine.


Tasted in April 2011. Negociant bottling and an impressive reminder from the past. It showed a remarkable similarity in style in recent vintages - sublime, sophisticated, great finesse and elegance. Just stunning.

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