A queen of Bordeaux' sweet white wines with awesome richness




Berenice Lurton, the woman behind Climens' heavenly quality

Chateau Climens has been owned by the Lurton family since 1971. It's situated in Barsac commune, the soil here is a mix of red sand and gravel on subsoil consisting of decomposed limestones. There are 29 ha planted with 100% Semillon, vines are on average 35 years old, yield per ha is normally 12 hl and the wine is kept for 2 years in 35-60% new barrels.

Climens has always been one of the very best wines in the district and if everything goes perfectly, it's able to rival d'Yquem in terms of richness and sophisticated touch. This wine is simply an essence of finesse and elegance with such grace and complexity, you often can dream about. We are in heaven!


Cypres de Climens 2015 88p

Tasted in April 2017. This wine was pleasant, tasty, with good sweetness and acidity.

Cypres de Climens 88-89p

Tasted in April 2017. It offered more elegance and less intensity as the 2015 version.

Cypres de Climens 2013 89p

Tasted in March 2015. Very good sweetness, nice acidity, flavours and grapefruit and acacia honey, tasty.

Cypres de Climens 2012 88p

Tasted twice - last time in March 2015. Consistent notes. Pleasant nose and taste of acacia honey, good intensity of botrytised flavours, nice acidity and sweetness. Honeyed finish.

Cypres de Climens 2011 90p

Tasted in March 2014. This wine was more intense and concentrated than 2012, there was a clear taste of crème brulee and brown sugar, very good balance and persistent honeyed finish. Well-made.

Cypres de Climens 2010 92p

Tasted twice - last time in March 2014. Consistent notes. This wine displayed fine sweetness and acidity, combined with the catchy aroma of honey melon and apricot. Fine complexity and length here. Splendid second wine worth every point of its rating.

Cypres de Climens 2009 89-90p

Tasted in April 2012. Similar to 2007 but slightly more nuanced and longer aftertaste.

Cypres de Climens 2008 88p

Tasted in April 2011. Very sweet, aromas of peach and honey melon, fine balance, elegant and round. Delicious to drink.

Cypres de Climens 2007 89p

Tasted in March 2010. Aromas of brown sugar, pineapple and grapefruit. Very nice acidity, creamy texture and smooth finish. Very tasty indeed. Terrific second wine.

Cypres de Climens 2006 88p

Tasted in April 2009. Very sweet, aromas of peach and honey melon, fine balance, elegant and round. A real pleasure to drink now and in the next 3-5 years.

Cypres de Climens 2005 90p

Tasted in April 2009. More botrytised flavours here than in Cypres 2006 – apricot, peach and acacia honey. Beautifully balanced and with a creamy texture. Really intense for a second wine. Terrific effort. 4-6 years horizontally.

Cypres de Climens 2004 88p

Tasted in April 2009. Tastes like the twin sister of Cypres 2006.


A mind-boggling line-up of 37 vintages of Climens and 3 vintages of Cypres de Climens (second wine), tasted on Saturday the 4th April 2009 at the property


Climens 2018 - not tasted during primeur in March/April 2019.

Climens 2017 - no wine produced due to frost in April.

Climens 2016 (barrel sample) 96-97p

Tasted in April 2017. On the basis of tasted barrel samples/lots, I think this vintage is close to 2015, maybe slightly less rich and intense.

Climens 2015 (barrel sample) 96-97p

Tasted twice - last time in April 2017. Consistent notes. Maybe this vintage can be as stunning as 2014. It doesn't have the acidity of 2014, but it seems that intensity and depth are slightly bigger in 2015. We will see in app. 5 years time.

Climens 2014 96-97p

Tasted three times - last time in April 2017. Consistent notes. Excellent promise. Better than 2013 vintage and rivals 2011 vintage. It may be even better after bottling.

Climens 2013 95-96p

Tasted four times - last time in April 2017. Consistent notes. Great intensity of botrytised flavors like orange peel, grapefruit and pineapple, great acidity, rich and sophisticated,very long finish. Stunning wine.

Climens 2012 93p

Tasted four times - last time in April 2017. Not consistent notes. This was a wine of great finesse with sophisticated touch, but significantly lighter in concentration and intensity compared to vintages 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Climens 2011 97p

Tasted five times - last time in April 2016. Consistent notes. Incredible purity of botrytised flavors, richness, acidity, fabulous intensity and finesse. This is heavenly thrill. It may develop to be better than 2010, but I doubt it will compete with 2001.

Climens 2010 99p

Tasted five times - last time in April 2016. Consistent notes. Great intensity of botrytised flavors, long, sophisticated, excellent sweetness and acidity, wonderful balance, long honeyed finish. For sure, it's another otherworldly Climens.

Climens 2009 99p

Tasted seven times - last time in April 2016. Consistent notes. It offered fantastic botrytis flavors (orange peel, acacia honey, pear and pineapple), ranging from delicate ones to concentrated ones, fabulous sweetness and acidity, richness and breathtaking purity and sophisticated touch. Incredible stuff as well.

Climens 2008 95p

Tasted six times - last time in March 2014. Consistent notes. Beautiful spicy flavors of botrytis like orange peel, apricot, peach and acacia honey, fine acidity. Very elegant and sophisticated wine with long honeyed aftertaste.

Climens 2007 99p

Tasted nine times - last time in March 2014. Consistent notes. Offers fabulous showing of breathtaking elegance, purity and wonderful balance. When you add striking depth and intensity of botrytised flavors, perfectly placed acidity to support sweetness, than this wine can't be more exceptional that it already is. Will without any doubt go into history books. C'est magnifique!

Climens 2006 95p

Tasted nine times - last time in March 2014. Consistent notes. Hits your nose and palate immediately with stunning depth, finesse, concentration and great balance. Strong botrytised aromas of candied orange peel and crème brulee. Impressive length on the palate and very honeyed aftertaste. Will keep for another 15-20 years.

Climens 2005 99p

Tasted seven times - last time in March 2014. Consistent notes. Whole 80% of the harvest went into Grand Vin. This wine is so, so perfect ! It's sublime all over with marvelous intensity, depth, richness and harmony between acidity and sweetness. Sophisticated en large. Strong and fabulously scented botrytised flavors of acacia honey, apricot, peach and oranges. So stylish and elegant that you simply scream with joy. This wine has an incredible potential and will last for at least half a century.

Climens 2004 93p

Tasted four times - last time in March 2010. Consistent notes. Significantly lighter than 2005 and showing less botrytised flavors than 2005. It is understandable, since noble rot's journey through vines of Climens in 2004 was long, uneven and interrupted by outbreaks of rain. Nevertheless, it doesn't lack the usual Climens goodies, like pure elegance and finesse. Fine showing of botrytised flavors of apple cake with vanilla cream on top and candied apple/pear. Very seductive wine indeed. 10-15 years horizontally.

Climens 2003 100p

Tasted five times - last time in March 2010. Consistent notes. 87% of the harvest went into Grand Vin – there were very few grapes to discard. It possess the highest level of residual sugar (9.6%) in the modern time vintages. This is pure extravaganza. Not really classic wine from Climens but what an exotic, concentrated and special one. By the first sniff you feel the extreme concentration of tropical aromas on the nose – red sweet grapefruit, mango, sweet pineapple, honey melon, water melon, guava and candied apricot. Everything in this wine is extraordinary – richness, elegance, balance, subtlety and aftertaste. Acidity sits perfectly as fundament of this wine. Pure heaven! 40-50 years in the cellar.

Climens 2002 92p

Tasted four times - last time in March 2010. Consistent notes. Candied mandarin peel, sugar melasse, mango and candied apricot. It's great depth, fine balance and caressing aftertaste. Sensual and sublime. Lighter in texture than normal, but what an elegance and finesse. Terrific to taste already and will stay like that for additional 10 years.

Climens 2001 100p

Tasted three times - last time in April 2009. Consistent notes. Low yield – only 6 hl! The richness, subtlety and sophisticated touch of this wine is simply phenomenal! When you add the wonderful complexity, depth, mega long aftertaste and perfect match between acidity and botrytised/reduced flavours, you simply have one of the best sweet wines in the world. 50-60 years' life or even longer!

Climens 2000 91p

Tasted three times - last time in April 2009. Consistent notes. Microscopic yield due to persistent rain in the second half of October – barely 4 hl/ha ! All the botrytised grapes harvested before the rain provided fine sweetness and acidity, roundness and a lot of charm. Quite forward.. Drinks incredibly well already now.

Climens 1999 90p

Tasted three times - last time in April 2009. Consistent notes. Very well-structured wine and quite intense on the nose. Acacia flower, pear and touch of oranges. Light texture, smooth on the palate and very harmonious finish. It's splendid wine to drink now and in the next 12-18 years.

Climens 1998 91p

Tasted three times - last time in April 2009. Not consistent notes. This wine has finally opened for all the good things. Great depth and intense botrytised aromas of pear and acacia flower. It possesses terrific elegance and finesse, long and caressing aftertaste. Eminent wine with subtlety and charisma. 15-20 years in the cellar.

Climens 1997 98p

Tasted three times - last time in April 2009. Consistent notes. In this vintage Climens has been in backward stage for several years. In April 2009 however, it opened up with really impressive stuff. Candied orange peel/mandarin peel, excellent depth and sophisticated touch. It's quite similar to Climens 2001 with all its richness, supporting acidity and wonderful balance. Pure class! This jewel is to be kept for a long time – 25-30 years.

Climens 1996 95p

Tasted in April 2009. Incredibly classy and sublime wine – a lot of finesse and refinement. Acacia flower and honey intermixed with peach and apricot. Perfectly balanced and well-structured. Long and beautiful finish with flower honey flavor. Will last for another 15-20 years.

Climens 1995 94p

Tasted in April 2009. Mango, pineapple and orange peel, perfectly constructed wine with extremely fine acidity and corresponding fruit. Big, long and creamy honeyed aftertaste. Stupendous quality here. 15-20 years horizontally.

Climens 1994 91p

Tasted in April 2009. Baked apple cake with some brown sugar on top, nice botrytised aromas, nice acidity but not that much sweetness here. Drinkable now and in the next 6-8 years.

Climens 1991 90p

Tasted twice - last time in April 2009. Consistent notes. Only 5 ha/hl due to frost in April. Soft and light texture, elegant, round and with nice intensity of pear and apricot. Finishes smoothly. A success for this difficult vintage and great effort of the winemaker. To be consumed in the next 4-5 years.

Climens 1990 98p

Tasted in April 2009. Big wine with much remaining sugar. Sweet mandarin peel, fresh cut and candied, crème brulee, big concentration, enormous on the palate. Excellent support of acidity to fruit. Not that much elegance and finesse associated with Climens is apparent here, but the quality of this wine is exceptional. A long term runner – 25-30 years.

Climens 1989 99p

Tasted in April 2009. Not that big and alcoholic like 1990. More elegance, finesse and refinement here. Astonishingly fine wine. Will keep for at least 20 more years.

Climens 1988 97p

Tasted in April 2009. This wine is extremely long on the palate, extremely elegant and sophisticated. Not as big-headed as 1990 and 1989, and not the same intensity of botrytised flavors (candied fruit), but the depth, structure and length are impressive. Acidity and fruit are perfect marriage and finish is smooth and honeyed. Awesome stuff. 25-30 years horizontally.

Climens 1986 98p

Tasted twice - last time in April 2009. Consistent notes. Reminds a lot of Climens 1988, but seems more refined and more intense. Botrytised flavors of peach, apricot and pear are simply staggeringly intense. Magnificent wine. Same keeping prospective as for Climens 1988.

Climens 1985 90p

Tasted in April 2009. It's quite fresh on the acidity side, which is nicely matched by fruit. Raisiny flavors and caramel. Noble rot hasn't had important role in 1985 and the flavors were the result of grapes being dried by wind. Round, nicely balanced and with soft finish. Drinks very well now.

Climens 1983 100p

Tasted in April 2009. Direct hit in bull's eye here ! Simply fabulous on the nose with extraordinary intensity and depth. Fabulous acidity matching botrytised flavours of acacia flower, pear, peach and apricot, and reduced flavors (nuts). Stunningly rich and sophisticated. Still very young, fresh and vivid. What a class act! At age of almost 26 years it's apparent, that this wine can keep for at least a quarter of century more.

Climens 1982 88p

Tasted in April 2009. Not that sweet and botrytised, light, charming and round. This wine has short but smooth finish. Should be consumed within the next 2-4 years.

Climens 1981 91p

Tasted in April 2009. More depth, intensity of botrytised flavors and better structure than in Climens 1982. The length and aftertaste are also significantly longer here. Splendid wine. 5-7 more years in the cellar.

Climens 1980 95p

Tasted in April 2009. This wine is a revelation when you think of weather condition during harvest. Very creme brulee and vanille pudding on the nose, intense, very elegant, stylish and fresh. The balance, structure and honeyed finish here complete this wonderful wine. 10-15 more years.

Climens 1979 93p

Tasted twice - last time in April 2009. It's a extremely well-made wine, which offers a blend of botrytised flavors like candied orange peel with reduced flavour of nuts and aromas of dried apricot and prune. Very elegant and splendidly concentrated on the palate, excellent acidity, sophisticated, long and with caressing aftertaste. Delightful to drink now and in the next 6-8 years.

Climens 1978 94p

Tasted twice - last time in April 2009. Consistent notes. It's great intensity of different aromas of botrytised and dried fruit like orange and mandarin. Fabulous on the palate with great support of the acidity. Great balance and long honeyed aftertaste. Slightly better than Climens 1979.

Climens 1977 90p

Tasted in April 2009. Small yields at Climens in this vintage, due to frost in the spring. In context of the vintage, it's successful wine on the light side, extremely charming, round and seductive. Acacia honey on the finish. Drinks nicely now.

Climens 1976 100p

Tasted in April 2009. This is heaven. Incredibly rich, incredibly structured, incredible balance. Yep – everything is incredible in this wine. Big crop but severe selection (only 32% went into Grand Vin) ensured fantastic quality here. Dream wine. Will stay like that for another 10-15 years.

Climens 1975 100p

Tasted in April 2009. This wine oozes of pure class and style ! It's wonderful balance and fantastic length. We are hitting the roof. A legend. Same keeping possibilities as for Climens 1976.

Climens 1974 88p

Tasted in April 2009. Together with 1969 and 1982 the least entertaining wine. This said, it is round, charming and very drinkable wine, which has reasonable sweetness. To be consumed now.

Climens 1973 92p

Tasted in April 2009. Wonderful balance between acidity and botrytised flavors of acacia honey, mandarins, orange/apricot peel plus touch of raisins in rum. Surprisingly deep, refined and with entertaining aftertaste. This is stupendous wine, even if it lacks the great intensity of botrytised flavors. 3-5 more years in the cellar.

Climens 1972 93p

Tasted in April 2009. This wine is even better, deeper and with more botrytised flavors than Climens 1973. Acidity is fresh and makes sure that the wine in question is alive and vivid. Great work of the winemaker here! Will entertain for 3-5 more years.

Climens 1971 100p

Tasted in April 2009. Acacia flower/honey simply explodes on the nose. Angels sing and sing and sing. I'm blown away by this wine. It's angelic length and finish, Shows extraordinary complexity. The balance between candied fruit and acidity is simply phenomenal. Finesse, elegance and sophisticated touch here is exceptional. What a wine! Will certainly turn the age of 50 years!

Climens 1970 96p

Tasted in April 2009. Again and again the nose erupts with orange peel, heather honey, crème brulee and candied pineapple aromas. Fabulous balance, structure and richness. Aftertaste simply won't let you go – goes on and on and on. Simply magnificent wine. Will stay like that until it's 45 years old.

Climens 1969 88p

Tasted twice - last time in April 2009. Darkest color of all 37 Climens – dark amber. Brown sugar, acidity is apparent and puts sweetness in the background. Nice concentration and round aftertaste. Keeps well at the moment but this won't last for more than few years.

Climens 1967 100p

Tasted in April 2009. Da bomb! Viscous texture. Very deep, rich and spicy with plenty of botrytised flavors. Fantastic length, structure and intensity of flavors. Candied mandarin peel, candied apricots and crème brulee. Fantastic acidity to balance the sweetness. A wine at its peak. This is heaven! Will certainly celebrate it's 50 years birthday!

Climens 1964 95p

Tasted in April 2009. Magnificent showing here! Great sweetness, crème brulee, great acidity, finesse and beautiful balance. Strikingly rich and sophisticated. The finish is gracious, smooth and very honeyed. Extraordinary stuff. 4-6 more years in the cellar.


Latest news

2020 vintage in Bordeaux is said to follow the trend of excellent vintages as f.i. 2016 and 2018/9. Unfortunately, because of coronavirus, I'll not travel to Bordeaux for primeurs tastings. Instead, I'll get barrel samples sent to my home in Copenhagen. It'll be fascinating to find out how 2020 will fare compared to the above-mentioned vintages.

I've finished my tastings of the 2018 vintage bottle from Bordeaux (April 2021). I did end with close to 500 tasted wines. A full report on the vintage is available on my website. Check out chapter "2018 IN BOTTLE" in "VINTAGES".

TNs/ratings on 2019 Bordeaux barrel samples - see "2019" in "Vintages" chapter. I received 325 samples from classified/non-classified properties, which I tasted during the summer of 2020.

A new feature is the Burgundy blog in the News chapter, which includes impressions from tastings/tasting dinners attended since November 2018.

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