All is set for yet another thrilling vintage in Bordeaux!

Harvest 2020

It's the end of October and harvest was over for reds some 20 days ago

Reports say that there's a great potential in 2020. All grape varieties did exceptionally well. 

Among "white" grapes, Semillon seems to be quite exceptional, while among red ones, Merlot takes the pole position. Some winemakers say that in 2020, Merlot and Cabernets changed their characteristics, so Merlot is more powerful and fleshy than usual and Cabernets more elegant than usual.

Harvest went very well in Sauternes & Barsac with very favourable conditions for botrytis spread towards the end of picking. It's high-quality vintage, says Jean-Pierre Meslier from Raymond Lafon.

We have to wait until the beginning of January 2021 to know more about the exact character and style of 2020 vintage.



Latest news

2020 vintage in Bordeaux is said to follow the trend of excellent vintages as f.i. 2016 and 2018/9. Unfortunately, because of coronavirus, I'll not travel to Bordeaux for primeurs tastings. Instead, I'll get barrel samples sent to my home in Copenhagen. It'll be fascinating to find out how 2020 will fare compared to the above-mentioned vintages.

I've finished my tastings of the 2018 vintage bottle from Bordeaux (April 2021). I did end with close to 500 tasted wines. A full report on the vintage is available on my website. Check out chapter "2018 IN BOTTLE" in "VINTAGES".

TNs/ratings on 2019 Bordeaux barrel samples - see "2019" in "Vintages" chapter. I received 325 samples from classified/non-classified properties, which I tasted during the summer of 2020.

A new feature is the Burgundy blog in the News chapter, which includes impressions from tastings/tasting dinners attended since November 2018.

In addition to my website, I also post tasting notes to a well-driven and hugely- scaled website,, where I've 7.750+ followers and 2.350+ TNs by primo April 2021.