From the left: Sylvie & Jacques Guinaudeau, the owners of Château Lafleur, and Omri Ram, the vineyard's manager. September 2015, during harvest.

Lafleur is a wine estate situated in a perfect location within "Le Plateau Argileux", 900 meters wide and circle-shaped east of Pomerol, close to the border of Saint-Emilion. The vineyard's soil comprises a varying blend of big and small stones, plus sand on the surface. The subsoil here varies between "crasse de fer" mixed with gravel or sand in different proportions of the soil surface composition. The cépage at Lafleur is Merlot and Cabernet Franc in a 50:50 ratio.

Lafleur is the only property in Pomerol with so much Cabernet Franc in its wine. The vineyard is 4.5 hectares, and the vines are over 30 years old. The wine stays 18–20 months in 33-50% new barrels.

Jacques Guinaudeau, with his wife Sylvie, has been at Lafleur since 1985 and fully acquired complete control of Lafleur in 2005.

Jacques Guinaudeau is a perfectionist who takes excellent care of the vineyard. The wine has a "print" of the soil and the winemaker. He uses modern vinification techniques with the utmost care and sensibility. He harvests late but not too late, ensuring the grapes are perfectly ripe and not overripe.

Unlike traditionally made Pétrus, Lafleur carries out malolactic fermentation (where malic acid is converted to lactic acid and the wine gets rid of excess acid it doesn't need) in barrels instead of stainless-steel vats. This gives the wine more aroma, a wider range of flavors, and more strings to play on.

Lafleur is a breathtaking wine with stunning concentration, intensity, and richness of nuances. It has a fantastic aroma of dark cherries, raspberries, and truffles, especially in its early life (first 2-3 years). Lafleur has extremely long-term potential; 30–40 years or even longer in extraordinary vintages. In these vintages, Lafleur is as stunning as First Growths! The vintages to look out for include 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2010, 2009, 2005, 2004, 2001, and 2000.

2018 32

Young generation at Lafleur: Julie and Baptiste Guinaudeau writing down the vinification schedule for 2017 vintage

2018h 7

Chateau Lafleur and the new cellar behind the tree on the left, October 2018


Lafleur 2022 (barrel sample): 98–99 p

This barrel sample was tasted in April 2023.  51% de Bouchet + 49% Merlot. It has 14.5% alcohol. When tasted, this barrel sample was quite shut down. It is a sleeping giant with enormous potential. All the beautiful ingredients are there, waiting for the right moment to show up.

Lafleur 2021 (barrel sample): 96 p

I tasted it in April 2022. 52% de Bouchet (local version of C. Franc) + 48% Merlot. It has red fruit and roses, is more elegant than powerful, has finesse, a sophisticated touch, superb structure, a remarkable midpalate, and length. It is an incredible, challenging vintage. Sublime stuff. 

Lafleur 2018 100p

Tasted twice—last time in November 2021. Consistent. It is a huge wine, creamy, very concentrated, iron fist/hammer in velvety glove, incredible length, and finish. Wow! 54% de Bouchets (local name for Cabernet Franc) + 46% Merlot.

Lafleur 2017 98p

Tasted twice—last time in November 2021. Consistent notes. It was a great, deep, tight, dense, and long wine. I'm not sure it showed everything the day I tasted it, but I'm sure it will be the next time I taste it. 47% Merlot + 53% Cabernet Franc.

Lafleur 2016 99p

Tasted twice, last time in May 2019. Consistent notes. This wine was big, broad-shouldered, with a classy and sophisticated nose of black fruit, a velvety texture, rich, and incredibly complex. Outstandingly distinguished beauty to remain beautiful for many years.

Lafleur 2015, 98p

I tasted it four times, the last time in May 2019. Not consistent notes. In April 2016, it was surprisingly light in color, with plenty of oak, and a fine potential was unquestionably there, but this wasn't proved at all during my tasting that day. 92+p. Retasted in October 2016 and entirely another story. An iron fist in a velvety glove, almost brutal at the palate, with enormous intensity and concentration. Stunning richness, structure, and depth. Another legend is on the way. 99p. A tad subdued in March 2017, not as silky as in 2016. 96-97p. After bottling, this wine switched on afterburners. Thick, fatty, creamy, and sophisticated, with a lot of fruit and tannin. 99p.

Lafleur 2014, 96 p.

Tasted twice, last time in October 2016. Consistent notes. Rich with strong structure, fabulous ripeness of fruit, great underlying acidity, dense fat, great complexity, and long finish. A classic one for the property!

Lafleur 2013 (barrel sample) 95p

Tasted in April 2014, this wine greatly benefited from a late harvest of Cabernet Franc (mid-October), with vast quantities of black fruit, a strong backbone, elastic structure, minerality, and a long, persistent finish. Beautiful work in this challenging vintage.

Lafleur 2012 (barrel sample) 94p

Tasted three times, last time in April 2014. Consistent notes. This wine has gained weight and intensity since its first tasting in April 2013. Chocolate/cocoa on the nose, aromatic, very friendly, silky fruit and tannin, great structure and length. There is more elegance and finesse here than power and muscles. It was unwilling to show all its qualities in April 2014, but I had to be patient.

Lafleur 2011 96p

I tasted it five times, the last time in March 2015. Consistent notes. It's the best wine in Pomerol in the 2011 vintage. Jacques Guinaudeau made a fantastic 2011, reaching almost the quality of the 2010 vintage here. Extremely dense and tight, full of black cherries, very sophisticated and refined, it has an exceptional balance between fatty, ripe tannins and perfectly ripe fruit, and it has a stunning aftertaste that goes on and on. Breathtaking stuff.

Lafleur 2010 99p

I tasted this wine twice, the last time in September 2013. Consistent notes. This wine had a strong backbone and dark cherries covered by Valrhona chocolate. Thick black cherry fruit and fat tannin at a perfect level of ripeness, chocolate/cacao powder aroma, excellent depth, deeply structured and sophisticated, silky tannin; fruit on the palate, fabulous finish. Wonderful stuff.

Lafleur 2009, 97+p

I tasted it three times, the last time in September 2012. Consistent notes. It was strong and multidimensional on the nose, with lots of sweet black cherries, abundant, ripe, sweet tannin, exquisite balance, a sophisticated touch, richness, and an extremely long aftertaste. There is a light touch of alcohol in the fruit.

Lafleur 2008, 94p

Tasted three times, last time in September 2012. Consistent notes. This wine offered strength and power, ripe and silky tannins, exquisite balance and sophisticated touch, and a rich and long aftertaste. Very impressive.

Lafleur 2007 (barrel sample) 92p

Tasted twice, last time in April 2008. Consistent notes. This wine was tight but with a splendid force of black cherries, beautifully balanced by silky fat tannin, stunning structure, and long finish.

Lafleur 2006, 94p

Tasted three times, last time in September 2012. Consistent notes. It possessed a hugely aromatic nose of dark berries like blueberries and blackberries, was full-bodied, refined, and had a large amount of ripe tannin. In September 2012, it was full of massive fruit and tannin, backward and with a persistent finish. Keep it for 10–15 years before drinking it.

Lafleur 2005, 100p

Tasted six times—last time in March 2015. Consistent notes. You hear angels sing! 2005 will rival the impressive 2000 vintage's depth, breathtaking richness, and refinement. Very dark. It is an incredibly potent wine with an intense and sensual nose of wild cherries, almost essence stuff on nose and palate, velvety all over, mighty, iron fist structure, and fantastic balance. It feels like this wine is just pure silk from start to finish. Mind-boggling wine.

Lafleur 2004 95p

I tasted it three times, the last time in April 2007 when it was in the bottle. Consistent notes. 60% Merlot + 40% Cabernet Franc. Dense dark red. It has beautiful and sensual aromas of black fruit, is intense with silky tannins, and is potent, long, and sophisticated. Exceptional wine.

Lafleur 2003, 93p

Tasted twice, last time in September 2012. Consistent notes. 50% Merlot and 50% Cabernet Franc. It has a complex and intense nose of highly ripe fruit, is quite spicy, and has a touch of heat. It is a splendidly structured and balanced wine, full-bodied and very long on the palate. This was as it tasted from the barrel in 2004. In September 2012, it was powerful, black cherries, deep, and sophisticated to start with. Gradually, the fruit acquired a slightly warm scent, and tannin started to show more and more dryness. I'm still trying to figure out the possibilities.

Lafleur 2002, 93p

Tasted twice, last time in April 2006. Consistent notes. 60% Merlot + 40% Cabernet Franc. Wonderfully aromatic and catchy nose, elegant on the palate with round tannins. Splendid structure and long aftertaste. It's more exciting than 2001, but who cares? Excellent wine for the vintage.

Lafleur 2001, 96 p.

Tasted seven times—last time in September 2012. Consistent notes. 60% Merlot + 40% Cabernet Franc. This vintage has always been one of my favorite Lafleurs. It is a wine I have always adored, mainly because of its incredibly captivating nose of truffles, black fruit, richness, sophisticated touch, and fabulous structure. Utterly impressive stuff.

Lafleur 2000 100p

Tasted eight (!) times—last time in December 2016. Consistent notes. A monumental piece of exceptional winemaking! You rarely taste such a complete wine. Tons of truffles, thick, fat tannin, unbelievable complexity and richness, wild cherries, blueberries, and blackberries in huge quantities. Breathtaking wine. A pure legend being able to last for at least half a century!

Lafleur 1999, 93p

Tasted twice, last time in April 2006. Consistent notes. It is a complete wine with exquisite complexity and finesse. It is well-balanced and well-put-together, with splendid depth and a soft aftertaste. Stunning wine for the vintage, which should keep well for 10–15 years.

Lafleur 1998, 95 p.

Tasted three times, last time in September 2012. Consistent notes. Deep red. It is a strong and potent wine with great depth, iron-strong structure, ripe fruit, and ripe tannin. Very impressive indeed. A keeper.

Lafleur 1997, 89p

Tasted twice, last time in April 2006. Consistent notes. On the light and elegant side, with a fruity nose of raspberries. It is pretty well-defined on the palate, with good structure and length. It will mature relatively quickly, which means 6–8 years.

Lafleur 1994, 95 p.

Tasted in November 2013. Tight and concentrated, powerful and wealthy. Excellent depth, balance, and length. Firm finish. There are many years to go. Jacques Guinaudeau did get the most out of his grapes in this vintage. Great effort.

Lafleur 1989, 96 p.

Tasted twice, last time in September 2012. Consistent notes. It is very intense and robust. Loads of superbly ripe fruit, kirsch liqueur, truffles, and great depth on the palate. Excellent structure and length. Exceptional wine.

Lafleur 1988, 95 p.

Tasted in September 2012. Darker color, tighter with more power and concentration than 1985, iron-strong structure, dark cherries and raspberries everywhere, excellent balance, and long, firm finish. Not ready yet. Awesome stuff, as well.

Lafleur 1985, 94p

Tasted in September 2012. Quite dark, mature flavors of cherries and truffles, broad and intense on the palate, delicious velvety tannin, exquisite balance, long and sophisticated, persistent, and smooth aftertaste. It is at its peak right now. Excellent stuff.

Lafleur 1982, 100p

Tasted in September 2012. Oh my God, what a wine! There is no doubt that it was a 1982 vintage! Heavenly stuff. Extremely dark and dense. Wild and incredibly intense nose with "tons" of mocha, bitter chocolate, potent on the palate with kirsch liqueur, extremely concentrated with extraordinary length. Perfect balance. This wine has a thick texture that you could cut into slices. Christian Moueix and Jean-Claude Berrouet, from close neighbor Petrus, made this wine, which shows that it isn't 100% typical Lafleur. But who cares, as this wine was, is, and will be a legend for many years.


 Lafleur, 1964, 97p

Tasted in May 2006. Original château bottling. This is a wonderfully aromatic and exciting wine! Truffles and cherries are everywhere. Incredibly refined and sophisticated, with perfect balance and an exquisite structure. Long and lingering aftertaste. It is simply breathtaking wine for a 42-year-old!


Lafleur's second wine, Pensées de Lafleur, represents excellent value for the money.

Pensées de Lafleur 2022 (barrel sample): 94–95 p

Tasted in April 2023. 57% Merlot + 43% de Bouchet. Intense wild cherries, fragrant violets, splendid acidity and minerality, strong structure, and a vibrant, persistent finish. Splendid effort.

Pensées de Lafleur 2021 (barrel sample) 92-93p

Tasted in April 2022.  59% Merlot + 41% de Bouchet. Violets and iris, intense aroma of morello cherries, finely grained tannin, vibrant complexity, and long aftertaste. Delightful effort. 

Pensées de Lafleur 2018 (barrel sample) 93-94p

Tasted in April 2019. Vigorous-intensity of fruit flavors on the nose, pure, finely grained tannin, lot of tension, and a persistent finish. High quality, indeed.

Pensées de Lafleur 2017 (barrel sample) 92p

Tasted in April 2018.  Dense and tight with excellent depth, complexity, and finish. 

Pensées de Lafleur 2016 (93–94)

Tasted twice—last time in Mary 2019. Consistent notes. It had a great, stylish nose with an intense aroma of blueberries, a silky and polished palate, and a complex and persistent fruity aftertaste. There is a great balance here. It's a beautiful second wine.

Pensées de Lafleur 2015, 93p

I tasted it four times, the last time in May 2019. Not consistent notes. It wasn't easy to assess in April 2016, but it was a different story in October 2016. Aromatic, fine structure, wild cherries, silky, traces of chocolate, grained tannin. Splendid! Similar performance in March 2017 as six months before. In May 2019, too!

Pensées de Lafleur 2014 (barrel sample) 91p

Tasted in March 2015. An intense nose of cherries, sappy, full-bodied, long aftertaste. Fine effort.

Pensées de Lafleur 2012 (barrel sample) 89p

Tasted twice, last time in September 2013. Consistent notes. This wine was strong, potent, and quite tannic, with blackberries on the nose and an aromatic, long, and meaty finish. Splendid effort.

Pensées de Lafleur 2011 (barrel sample) 91p

Tasted in April 2012. Similar to 2008, fruit and tannin in 2011 are riper and fatter. It's a better length, too.

Pensées de Lafleur 2010 (barrel sample) 90-92p

This wine offered chocolate and sweet fruit perfectly integrated with fat, sweet tannin, and a long finish. Superb effort.

Pensées de Lafleur 2009 (barrel sample) 90-92p

It was fresh and meaty, with a strong backbone and a firm finish. Well-knitted. It's a terrific second wine.

Pensées de Lafleur 2008 (barrel sample) 89–90p

This wine was concentrated, with a lovely length and structure and a powerful and firm finish. It was indeed very fine for a second wine.

Pensées de Lafleur 2007 (barrel sample) 87p

It was dark red and delicate on the nose, with intense black cherries. Meaty on the palate, medium weight, round, and with silky tannins. It's a pretty lovely wine for the vintage.

Pensées de Lafleur 2006 (barrel sample) 89p

Pensées de Lafleur 2005, 91–92

Pensées de Lafleur 2004 90p (60% Merlot + 40% Cabernet Franc)

Pensées de Lafleur 2003 89p (100% Merlot)

Pensées de Lafleur 1998, 89p

Pensées de Lafleur 1997, 86p


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