Julie Gonet-Medeville (above) runs the family business with her husband, Xavier.

Chateau Gilette and its sister property Chateau Les Justices, should be mentioned in the winepress. Wine journalists usually drive quickly through the village of Preignac to check out classified growths instead. properties. It's a pity because they will soon discover how excellent wines are made there!

Julie Gonet-Medeville had run Gilette and sister property Les Justices and her husband, Xavier Gonet (who comes from a famous family in Champagne, Gonet), since 2004, when they took over from Julie's parents, Christian & Andrée Medeville. I've known Christian and Andrée Medeville since 1987, when I first visited Gilette, and both wines hit me so hard with their excellency that I haven't recovered yet. Both are fantastic wines at their level.

Julie takes care of marketing and travels abroad to spread both estates' fame, while Xavier takes care of vinification. And both do an excellent job. Julie is a thoroughly educated lawyer who left that path and decided to continue the family tradition.

NB! Unfortunately, I can't currently update this profile with new vintages. Xavier and Julie Medeville have unexpectedly refused to receive me at Gilette since 2019, ignoring my requests. 

Château Gilette

Medeville family has owned this property since 1710. It's situated in Preignac commune; the soil is sandy with subsoil consisting of stones embedded in clay. 4.5 ha of vines are planted with 90% Semillon, 8% Sauvignon Blanc and 2% Muscadelle. The average age of vines is 40 years, and yield per ha varies between 9 and 15 hl, depending on the vintage.

Only must sugar content corresponding to at least 20% alcohol be further processed. Vinification is classic and traditional, but Gilette is a total break with winemaking traditions in the district regarding the aging of wine. It ages 15-20 years (!) – and only in small sealed concrete vats, where all air is removed. No oak barrels here!

This aging aims to ensure the wine doesn't get any other taste from barrels and keeps its freshness and vigor. If you are a Sauternes freak, then Gilette is a must, even if not everybody will like its "heavy" style (rich in alcohol) with fresh sweetness and energy, because some got used through the years to the "old" (in wines with quite some age) sweetness, which is to be found in traditionally made wines.

For me, Gilette is often among the best wines in the district, challenging the "king" d'Yquem. A superbly concentrated wine with freshness and fantastic botrytised flavors like almonds (imho the typical taste for Gilette), acacia honey, mandarine/mandarine peel, orange confit, peach, and honey melon.

Gilette is quite expensive, but one must understand that the product's cost returns to Gilette earliest 20 years after the harvest (16 years aging + 4 years in bottle before release) because of its specific production method.


1997 Gilette 95p

Tasted in April 2017. This wine is the newest release from Julie and Xavier Gonet-Medeville. Twenty years in concrete vats. It tasted like honey essence, fresh and very intense, with the hallmark flavor of the property, grilled almonds, mango, and great acidity. Simply stunning!

1996 Gilette 94-95p

Tasted twice - last time in April 2019. Consistent notes. In this vintage, grapes were dried by wind (passerilage), not by a widespread botrytis attack. It had perfect sweetness, almond flavor, intensity, concentration, acidity, and length.

1990 Gilette 96-97p

Tasted twice - last time in April 2017. Consistent notes. It showed great acidity, sweetness, concentration, complexity, acacia honey, a strong taste of almonds, and a long finish. Very classy and refined wine!

1989 Gilette 96-97p

Tasted twice - last time in April 2013. Consistent notes. Heavy style with alcohol is very present but not dominating. Extremely intense botrytised creme brulée, pineapple, and molasses flavors, great interplay between sweetness and acidity, stunning concentration and depth, strong structure, and long finish. Typical of the vintage.

1988 Gilette 98p

Tasted in April 2010. Tighter, richer, and more concentrated than in 1986. A stunning example of Sauternes at 22 years with extraordinary freshness and vitality.

1986 Gilette 96p

Tasted three times - last time in December 2016. Consistent notes. More open than 1988, almonds again, fresh, incredibly scented on the nose and palate, sophisticated, great depth and backbone, long and velvety on the palate with the fat and robust finish. It is a heavenly treat and a great wine. In December 2016, it gave 1986 Yquem run for the money!

1985 Gilette 94p

Tasted three times - last time in April 2010. Consistent notes. The honeyed and almondy flavors on the nose and palate, candied mandarine/orange/lemon peel, and excellent acidity with a slight bitterness keep this wine fresh and alive.

1983 Gilette 97p

Tasted four times - last time in April 2010. Consistent notes. This wine gives a 1986 run for the money and is close to 1988 regarding the depth, concentration, and intensity of botrytised flavors. There are fantastic flavors of acacia honey, almonds, apricot, candied peach, mandarins, and mango fragrances. An astonishing piece of winemaking.

1982 Gilette 90p

Tasted in April 2010. In this challenging vintage, it was a straightforward wine, significantly lighter and less rich than in 1983. A delicious wine with lovely intensity of botrytised flavors like peach, honey melon, and apricot mixed with brown sugar.

1981 Gilette 92p

Tasted twice - last time in April 2010. Consistent notes. Botrytised flavors of toffée, créme brulée, intense, delicate balance between acidity and sweetness, fine length, and fine caressing finish.

1979 Gilette 93p

Tasted three times - last time in April 2010. Consistent notes. The same style as 1981, but I find 1979 more powerful, richer, and longer on the palate.

1975 Gilette 94p

Tasted in November 2021. It was still fresh, with great sweetness and matching acidity. Almonds, orange peel, dried apricots, candied peach, and heather honey. Just a terrific stickie to enjoy! 

1970 Gilette 91p

Tasted in April 2003. Spicy acacia honey, quite alcoholic, créme brulée, elegant, well-balanced. It is lighter than usual but has immediate appeal due to its roundness and soft texture.

1967 Gilette 96p

Tasted twice - last time in December 2006. Consistent notes. This vintage is one of the most famous in Sauternes, and Gilette is among the top wines but less phenomenal than d'Yquem and Climens. Almonds marinated in Grand Marnier, fresh, incredibly scented on the nose and palate, sophisticated, with great depth and backbone, and long and velvety on the palate with the fat and robust finish. Great intensity and structure. First tasted in June 1990 - it has stayed the same for 16 years. What proof of aging potential!

1937 Gilette 100p

Tasted in June 1990. One of the best sweet wines I've tasted. It was the true nectar of Gods, with everything sensational in this wine. I am running out of superlatives!!


Château Les Justices

Sister property of Gilette. The vineyard covers 8.5 ha of vines. planted with 88% Sémillon, 8% Sauvignon Blanc and 4% Muscadelle. Vines are 25 years old on average. Some decades ago, Les Justices was vinified in the same way as Gilette, but with only four years' stay in concrete vats. Nowadays, it's vinified traditionally, and aging takes place in concrete vats for 18 months.

Les Justices is excellent value for the money and is often better in quality and consistency than several highly-priced classified growths in Sauternes & Barsac. It's 1/6 of the price of Gilette.

2016 Les Justices (barrel sample) 91p

Tasted in April 2017. A bit on the light side, elegant, and with a lot of finesse. Tasty sweetness and nice acidity on the palate.

2014 Les Justices (barrel sample) 92p

Tasted in March 2015. Strong acidity, pineapple, petrol, candied orange peel, Long finish. Splendid.

2012 Les Justices (barrel sample) 88-89p

Tasted in April 2013. Dried apricot, pineapple, almonds, lovely fruit, botrytised flavors, nice acidity, lighter than usual.

2011 Les Justices (barrel sample) 92p

Tasted in April 2013. Incredibly intense, lush, fabulous sweetness and acidity. The nose of orange/mandarin, candied pineapple. Very, very long finish. Excellent.

2010 Les Justices (barrel sample) 92-93p

Tasted in September 2011. Even more intense flavors here, more concentration, and a bigger length. Excellent for the vintage as well.

2009 Les Justices (barrel sample) 92p

Tasted twice - last time in October 2010. Consistent notes. Wonderfully botrytised flavors like acacia honey, pineapple, and pear, great intensity, finesse, and elegance. Great depth and length and is excellent for the vintage.

2008 Les Justices 91p

Tasted in October 2010. It resembles much of the 2006 vintage, but maybe 2008 has more botrytised flavors and expresses more intensity.

2007 Les Justices 93p

Tasted in April 2010. More intense here than in 2009, with beautiful acidity and sweetness, long on the palate, and a lingering honeyed aftertaste. Excellent balance and richness. Formidable work in the cellar.

2006 Les Justices 91p

Tasted in April 2010. Relatively less intense and less rich on the nose and palate than in 2007. Still, it's a fine-quality wine.

2005 Les Justices 93p

Tasted three times - last time in April 2010. Consistent notes. Hugely intense nose of acacia honey, mango, and apricot, honeyed on the palate, with beautiful balance and acidity. Exceptional value for the money and, again, a stunning effort from this property.

2004 Les Justices 91p

Tasted in April 2010. A downscaled version of 2005 and like 2006, it's a fine value for the money.

2003 Les Justices 92+p

Tasted in April 2010. Atypical for the property to be thick and heavy, but no complaints from me! Brown sugar, tropical flavors (mango, guava, sweet pineapple, and candied mandarine peel). Acidity is just splendid and doesn't allow the sweetness to take command here. Very intense. Long and with a long, fat, and honeyed aftertaste. It will go excellently with heavy-spiced Asian food due to its high residual sugar content.

2002 Les Justices 91p

Tasted in April 2010. It represents excellent value for the money, créme brulée, complex, rich, and well-crafted. This wine makes the 2002 vintage proud!

2001 Les Justices 94p

Tasted four times - last time in April 2010. Consistent notes. Fantastic nose of botrytised flavors like molasses, brown sugar, peach, acacia flower/honey, and melon. Stunning richness, depth and acidity, concentration, and length. The finish goes on and on. It is an angelic treat for the money and mind-blowing effort from this unclassified growth.

2000 Les Justices 89p

Tasted in April 2003. Not precisely pure botrytised flavors - the sweetness comes from wind-dried grapes. Elegant, charming, quite intense, and well-structured. A lovely wine to be enjoyed while you wait for the famous vintages.


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