Ausone 2022 (barrel sample) 99-100p
Tasted in April 2023. 50% Merlot and 50% Cabernet Franc. This wine was both powerful and graceful at the same time. Vibrant, multilayered, with great acidity. Massive, refined, and sophisticated, with enormous depth and density. Long aftertaste, which won’t end. A future wine legend, for sure.
Ausone 2018 (barrel sample) 99p

Tasted in April 2019. 60% Merlot + 40% Cabernet Franc. A different animal is here, moving around like a giant with ballerina steps, powerful yet elegant. Massive, refined, and sophisticated, with enormous depth and density. A legend in the making!

Ausone 2017 (barrel sample) 98-99p

Tasted in April 2018. This property wasn't affected by frost and produced an absolute blockbuster of wine. 55% Cabernet Franc and 45% Merlot. Powerful with exceptional fruit, great acidity, sophistication, and immense depth and length. Fantastic structure and complexity.

Ausone 2016 (barrel sample) 98+p

Tasted in April 2017. Immense wine with a healthy amount of oak, stunningly refined and sophisticated, classy elegance, silky fruit, and tannin. Outstanding balance and finish. Truly remarkable wine.

Ausone 2015 (barrel sample) 97-98p

Tasted in April 2016. It is very close in everything to its one-year-old younger brother but just a little shorter in concentration. Stupendous quality.

Ausone 2014 (barrel sample) 95+p

Tasted in April 2015. It is packed with sweet fruit and oak, very concentrated, complex, and of great length. Excellent complexity and structure. Fabulous stuff.

Ausone 2013 (barrel sample) 92-93p

Tasted in March 2014. The bad weather conditions in this vintage didn't allow winemakers in Bordeaux to make something spectacular. It was a charming wine, not affected by new oak; intense and concentrated, ripe blackberries, firm structure, delicate complexity, and length.

Ausone 2011 96+p 

Tasted in November 2014. Well-defined on the nose, deep, and aristocratic. Full hammer on everything happening on the palate, which borders brutality; what richness and length. Animal wine of the highest quality. Unlimited life span!

Ausone 2010 (barrel sample) 98-99p

Tasted in April 2011. Plenty of chocolate and dark cherries, silky tannins. sensual, fleshy, impeccably sophisticated, and mega long on the palate with fat-ripe tannins and perfect balance. Awesome stuff.

Ausone 2000 98+p 

Tasted in April 2003. This wine was massive fireworks of nuances, incredibly sophisticated, with fantastic complexity and enormous length. No body-builder wine here, nor wine in light-weight class! A strong contender to get a maximum rating in the future.

Ausone 1970 90p 

Tasted in February 2020. Lovely ripe nose, nicely put together, polished fruit, tasty, fine, smooth finish. Well-preserved and drinkable wine.

Ausone 1955 97p

Tasted in March 2015 during dinner at Domaine de Chevalier. A spectacular wine, truffy and utterly complex, with superb richness, balance, and aftertaste. It is a sixty-year-old wine, very much alive and kicking.

Ausone 1934, 92p

Tasted in April 2014 during dinner at Domaine de Chevalier. Mature fruit is silky, very delicate, and tasty, yet in fine balance, but the acidity is well-pronounced. It's an impressive old wine.