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Bordeaux website describing harvests, vintages, including chateau profiles, tasting notes and a little Burgundy chapter


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Izak Litwar, owner and publisher of www.greatbordeauxwines.com

I have visited Bordeaux many times - the first trip was in 1984, followed by visits in 1985 (during harvest), 1987, 1988, 1990 and 1993. From 1995 I've visited Bordeaux every year in May/June. From 2000 to 2018, I went to Bordeaux twice, except harvest in 2002 and 2005 (visiting in March/April during primeur and September/October during harvest). In 2015 and 2019, I have been to Bordeaux three times - during primeur, the second time in June (Vinexpo) and during harvest in September/October. Unfortunately, in 2020 there were no visits to Bordeaux because of Covid-19 virus wide-spreading in the whole world. There is no visit in 2021 for primeur in March/April neither, but it looks like November could be a possibility.

Therefore, both 2019 barrel samples and 2020 barrel samples plus 2018 vintage in the bottle were tasted and rated at my home in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Since 2002 and starting with vintage 2001, I have participated without missing one year in new vintage's Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux primeur tastings for invited journalists in March/April.

This is a website about Bordeaux describing harvests, vintages, including chateau profiles and tasting notes. A little chapter about Burgundy is there too. My impressions and tasting notes from every visit to Bordeaux and vertical/horizontal tastings are continuously published. 

It's independent, non-profit and it costs nothing to check it out. No advertisements and no sponsors. The main purpose of this website is to share my impressions and TNs with fellow wine lovers. Enjoy!

More about me - check out "About " chapter up at the top of the page.



  • Nicolas Glumineau, manager of Pichon Comtesse

    Nicolas Glumineau, manager of Pichon Comtesse, pictured in April 2016

  • Guillaume Pouthier, manager of Les Carmes Haut Brion since 2012

    Guillaume Pouthier, manager/winemaker at Les Carmes Haut Brion since 2012, pictured in late October 2016

  • Sandrine Garbay - cellarmaster at Yquem

    Sandrine Garbay - d'Yquem's cellarmaster during visit in March 2015

  • Ban de Vendanges 2003 at Domaine de Chevalier

    Pretty ladies welcome you at Domaine de Chevalier - Ban des Vendanges in September 2013

  • Pretty Danish girl picks grapes at Palmer in September 2010

    5th October 2010 at Palmer - enchanting young girl from Danish school (10th class) in Holstebro picks grapes. 2010 Palmer will be gorgeous ;-D

  • rantou - magician winemaker at L

    Denis Durantou - magician at L'Eglise Clinet during visit in April 2014

  • Jacques Guinaudeau (left) and Francois Mitjavile (Tertre Roteboeuf)

    Two magicians - on the left Jacques Guinaudeau (Lafleur) and on the right Francois Mitjaville (Tertre Roteboeuf) pictured in September 2011

  • Caroline Frey - manager of La Lagune since 2004

    Caroline Frey, proprietor of La Lagune pictured in April 2015

  • Anne Cuvelier from Leoville Poyferre

    Anne Cuvelier from Leoville Poyferre pictured in March 2015

  • Olivier Bernard, owner of Domaine de Chevalier

    Olivier Bernard, owner of Domaine de Chevalier pictured in March 2014

Latest news

1. Mid-November - back home from my trip to Bordeaux. Impressions on tasted 2020, 2019, 2018 wines etc., will follow around the end of December 2021/beginning of January 2022.

2.full report on the 2020 vintage tasted from the barrel was published in June 2021.  I'll now add more tasting notes from barrel samples and updated ones collected in Bordeaux, November 2021. Please check out chapter "2020 FROM BARREL" in "VINTAGES".

3.full report on the 2019 vintage tasted from the barrel was published in July 2020. Now the 2019 vintage is bottled (since May/June 2021), and this chapter will have tasting notes from bottled wines added, both on wines tasted before from the barrel and the ones not tasted before, collected in Bordeaux, November 2021. Please check out chapter "2019" in "VINTAGES".  

4. A full report on the 2018 vintage in the bottle was published in April 2021. Now, I'll add some more tasting notes, and several will be updated, all collected in November 2021. Please check out chapter "2018 IN BOTTLE" in "VINTAGES".

5. The Burgundy blog in the News chapter is a new feature, which includes impressions from Burgundy tastings/tasting dinners attended since November 2018. It will also include same on tasted wines from Beaujolais' best winegrowers. Believe me that Beaujolais Crus are in the spotlight right now because of incredibly ambitious owners/winemakers! I will go deeper into exploring this wine area in January and February 2022.

6. In addition to my website, I also post tasting notes to a well-driven and hugely-scaled website, www.tastingbook.com, where I have 9.400+ followers and 2.600+ TNs by mid-November 2021.